How to make a French-style memo board

I wanted to replace the dull magnetic whiteboard in my room with something more chic and so the obvious option was a French style memo board (the ones with the lattice of ribbons over the front to hold your pretty bits and bobs).

Decent ones can be a bit pricey and it’s hardly complicated so I thought, what the heck? I’ll just make my own.

An evening of over-zealous staple gunning later and ta-da! A beautiful home for all my precious paper.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take an appropriately sized board. I used an old cork pin board as I had it lying around and it was the right size.
  • Get some stuffing- I got polyester wadding from my local quilting shop (incidentally where i also got the fabric).
  • Stretch the wadding over the board and staple to the back of the board, making sure it’s pulled tightly.
  • Next, take your fabric and cut it to size, allowing for extra to go round the back of course. Again using the trusty staple gun, attach to the back of the board pulling tightly. I used this gorgeous Cabbages and Roses print which I got for £5 for a half metre which was the perfect size for this project.

  • Ribbon time. Lay your ribbon over the memo board where you want it to be (I chose a lattice French style) and cut to the correct size, allowing extra to stretch round the back to attach. Pull the ribbon taut and staple to the back of the board. This takes a bit of concentration and patience to get the ribbons straight and parallel. I used another length of ribbon as a makeshift tape measure to ensure that the distance between the ribbons was uniform.
  • Where the ribbons cross stick in long pins to create that quilted look.
  • Attach a piece of string or similar to the back for hanging (if you want to put it on the wall). As I used an old cork board , it already had one.
  • Finally, add all your pretty bits and pieces to the board! Et Voila!

Stop and stair

A Staircase can make a house. In fact, it defines it: without one you live in a flat or bungalow. So, staircases are pretty important and as the pictures below show, they can be pretty stylish too. Here are my favourites from the blogosphere:

This beauty stands in the entrance to Jasper Conran’s London Flagship store. It’s like something out of a fairytale and works perfectly colours with the classic stye furniture

How cute are these Brume stair stickers?! And they’re a brilliant way to pick up a new language!

Cool colonial style and the use of cream and natural colours make it light and cosy at the same time.

Stairways to heaven….

Vintage value at Judy’s

Last Saturday on what felt like the coldest day in years I headed to trendy London spot, Spitalfields market. Why? To visit Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair in search of its promised “knock-off-your-socks-stock”. I wasn’t disappointed.

Judy’s proved a treasure trove of bargain vintage fashion, retro home furnishings and cutesy nik –naks.

Amongst the offerings were old-school atlases and utilitarian chairs…


Glamourous Vogue prints and adorable tea sets…


My favourite, these transport signs,  were a steal at only £25 each. They’re such hot property at the moment that they retail for hundreds on the high-street.

Judy’s vintage fair was set up with the intention to make vintage affordable and we have a lot to thank the lovely lady for! The fairs have proved so popular that they have now been in over 30 cities! To find your nearest fair, visit the website by clicking here!