Monsoon Magnets

Apologies for my very lengthy absence from the blogosphere. I have just returned from a month in India full of colour, tastes and cultures. I had an amazing time and when I’ve finally sorted through my huge mound of photos (800!) , I’ll be sure to share some of them. But for now, back to the present…

Monsoon home are doing some really beautiful pieces at the moment. Recently, whilst ‘having a little browse’ –clearly in denial about my ability to resist buying EVERYTHING I like- I spotted these cuties. I thought they’d be just the ticket to spruce up my very plain and rather institutional looking IKEA  magnetic whiteboard.

However, after arranging them nicely on said whiteboard , i decided their colourful loveliness made it look even more dull than before.  I ended up redesigning the whole thing- so much for using the magnets as a quick fix! I am now the proud owner of a lovely girly fabric covered magnetic notice board. More on this to follow…

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