Spotlight on….Oliver Bonas

I was waiting for a train at Waterloo recently and decided to explore the new swanky mezzanine level (incidentally, nice and airy and much less crowded). I found myself in Oliver Bonas, a shop I’d been to years ago which hadn’t made much of an impression. Looking around I couldn’t understand why I’d found it so unremarkable before. This time I loved literally every item in there and was in mourning that I was already too overloaded with bags to buy anything other than a card. That is until the rather lovely lady at the till told me that they sell online and have over 30 stores in the UK, yipee!

Anyway, I was too excited to keep it to myself so I’m sharing it with you and hoping you go and share it further as it jolly deserves the success it’s getting. If you’re wondering where all my doe-eyed enthusiasm is coming from, just take a look at this selection of Oliver Bonas beauties to get a taste for it…

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