Duck Egg Blue moodboard

As some of you might know, I’m really keen to move out soon. Recently I’ve been having a think about what sort of interior design I’ll want in my new place so that I can try and channel my over the top shopping towards things I’ll actually use.
Polyvore have a great collage tool which is pretty nifty for making moodboards. You just download the ‘clip to Polyvore’ toolbar icon and then you can save any pics you like (just like Pinterest in that respect, and as you can see, I get pretty much all of my images from pinterest- there’s so much I love).  Images without background tend to work best but you can always custom crop them later. When you’ve got a selection of items you can arrange them however you want in the ‘create’ section of Polyvore. Genius really, and so simple to use. For more tips, I found House Tweaking‘s recent blog posts on ‘Making of a mood board’ extremely helpful and easy to understand.
Here’s my moodboard for my future living room. I’m set on plenty of Duck Egg blue and neutrals to balance it out. I want it to be a completely relaxing space that is light but also cosy in the inevitable long British winters.
Duck Egg Blue

Home Moodboard

I’m planning to fly the nest in six months or so (health of bank balance permitting) and although it’s quite a while away I’ve been collecting images everytime I see something I HAVE to have. This is the latest collection of ideas, put together on Polyvore (thanks for the tip Dana from House Tweaking).


All of these things, apart from the UK artwork , were spotted in the ever-pleasing Dunelm Mill on a recent inspiration browse. I typically ended up buying some small bits too which I’ll show next post.

Well I guess that’s why they call it the blues…

No I’m not depressed, I’m just loving the blue today. Maybe the truly awful British weather is making me yearn for blue skies and sunny days at the beach…wishful thinking at this time of year!

I spotted this GORGEOUS blue living room whilst browsing online. I really like how it’s beachy and relaxed whilst being sort of retro and practical too.

And I WANT that phone…badly.

So, to complement my dream living room I though I’d compile a baby blue house. All of the rooms here seem like they’d be so calming and relaxing.

How great are these tiles?!?

This bedroom look like it would be the perfect sanctuary…

And I can’t begin to explain how much I would like to take a soak in here right now…bliss

I’m now officially in love with baby blue tiles, both feminine and practical and a really refreshing change from the neutral palette usually employed in kitchens and bathrooms.