An unhealthy addiction…

As you know, I’m itching to moveout. I’ve spent the last week searching for flatmates which has lead to an unhealthy addiction: rental websites. I now seem to spend every spare minute on them! There’s rightmove, where you look for places to buy/rent and and where you look for rooms to rent in already occupied flats.

Rightmove is awesome cos you can create you’re own custom search areas by drawing them and specify loads of things, like how far away from the station it is etc. I also love using it to check out the gorgeous multi-million pound houses and add their contents to my plan for the future- ha, I should be so lucky! Homes show a lot about the people who live in them and one thing I’ve really picked up on is that you can guess at people’s personalities by how they decorate their homes.

Spareroom and easyroomate also bring this out in me. I’ve found that I partially base my judgement of whether flatshares would be my cup of tea on how they’ve decorated their rooms. I guess it shows a lot about what you consider important (cleanliness would be top of my list!) and what you hold dear. Equally, I’m sure people are judging me. When you sign up to these sites, you create a profile saying a bit about yourself- I did not anticipate how hard it is to sum yourself up  and try and get people to like you in a couple of sentences!

The sites are great as they allow me to be picky- you search for people that you would like to live with (based on age, gender, location, profession etc) and you get results that match your preferences. The best (and most addictive) thing is that they send you updates every time a new room match is listed. This means I receive about 10 emails a day!

I think part of the problem is that I haven’t made any actual definite decisions yet, meaning that the options are endless. Do I live in the more expensive but nicer place or the cheaper place that will leave me more money for socialising? Do I live with people who seem more like-minded or in the place closer to the station? Do I live nearer to London for the weekends or closer to work for the commute in the week. Whilst this is all very exciting, it does get rather time consuming!