Home trends: Modern Ethnic

The second home trend in this mini series, I’m tackling is modern ethnic. As you know, I spent a month in India earlier this year and I completely fell in love with everything about it- including the decor. It’s not just Indian food that’s spicy- everything has so much vibrance and colour. When I was there I visited palaces with gorgeous paintings and jewel encrusted walls. Whilst stunning, these are a bit much (and a bit costly!) for every day life. This season’s trend is more for a modern, pared down look but keeping pops of colour (perfect to remind you of an Indian summer and warm you up when it’s so darn cold outside).

All images can be found on my Ethnic pinterest board!

Indian Summer

As mentioned in my last post, I recently got back from a month in India. It was hot, hot, HOT and an incredible, life-altering experience. It’s a beautiful, crazy, COLOURFUL country with a lot of fascinating history and a strong culture. While there I saw some amazing sights like the Taj Mahal and Amber Fort but also worked with slum children and saw some shocking poverty. I think  a bit of my heart will always be there with the kind, wonderful people who welcomed us into their homes and the gorgeous children who so readily befriended us.

In interest of staying ‘on topic’ I have compiled the best photos I have of Indian decorative style and painting so you can see what I mean about the colour! If you’ve ever considered going to India I would urge you to absolutely do it! You would NOT regret it!