Rule Britannia

The Olympics has kicked off and Olympic fever is in full swing here in Great Britain. I live just a stone’s throw from the action and can hardly contain my excitement. Last weekend I went to watch both the cycling road race and the Equestrian eventing and spent every other minute of time watching the other events on TV. It’s Monday and now work is preventing me from getting my Olympic fix (boo!), I’m already having withdrawal symptoms and looking forward to a night in on the sofa catching up on the day’s developments.

What with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Euro 2012 AND hosting the Olympic Games, 2012 is making me very proud to be British. Patriotism is running high and interior design seems to be following suit. Union Jacks, red buses, black cabs and London landmarks are everywhere at the moment so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you. All the items are from collection by John Lewis or Harrods.

So, shop around and then  bring out the strawberries, tea and Victoria sandwich cake and cheer your hearts out for Team GB!

On an aside, you may notice I’m loving the collages at the moment. This one was made using photovisi in about 10 seconds flat. Can’t decide if i prefer this or Polyvore. What are your favourite collage tools?