DIY magnetic fabric noticeboard the lazy way

As you will remember, my new monsoon magnets pressured me into re-covering my whiteboard to complement their loveliness.

You’ll notice that this is a ‘lazy way’ tutorial. Once I decide to do a project, it’s happening, regardless of whether I have the right tools or enough time to do it. Inevitably, things can sometimes be a little botched (by the end of this post you’ll see..) but they usually end  up alright!!


This project was a true case in point. I had cute floral fabric, check. And nice magnets, check. A way of attaching the fabric to the board….now that wasn’t as easy. First I tried superglue, that sticks anything right? Wrong. Apparently it doesn’t stick fabric to plastic. Well, what can I say? You learn something every day. Not to be defeated by mere superglue I got to thinking of an alternative.  After a while I found myself thinking, hmmm….uhh…sellotape?

Yes, that’s right, I used sellotape and literally wrapped the board like a big flat present. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever but it WORKED, so there. I now have a nice magnetic fabric noticeboard. As long as no one takes it off the wall and looks at the back, they’ll be none the wiser.

Monsoon Magnets

Apologies for my very lengthy absence from the blogosphere. I have just returned from a month in India full of colour, tastes and cultures. I had an amazing time and when I’ve finally sorted through my huge mound of photos (800!) , I’ll be sure to share some of them. But for now, back to the present…

Monsoon home are doing some really beautiful pieces at the moment. Recently, whilst ‘having a little browse’ –clearly in denial about my ability to resist buying EVERYTHING I like- I spotted these cuties. I thought they’d be just the ticket to spruce up my very plain and rather institutional looking IKEA  magnetic whiteboard.

However, after arranging them nicely on said whiteboard , i decided their colourful loveliness made it look even more dull than before.  I ended up redesigning the whole thing- so much for using the magnets as a quick fix! I am now the proud owner of a lovely girly fabric covered magnetic notice board. More on this to follow…