The joys of pop-up tape

So, it’s December, the time that comes but once a year- and the best part of it in my opinion. As well as all the overspending, overeating and overdrinking, what I like to call ‘wrapping overkill’ takes hold. This is the OCD urge to make everything look perfect, with colour coordinated ribbon and matchy matchy name tags. All for 0.25 seconds of admiration before it’s ripped to shreds. I’m not criticising- I’m an offender myself!

Scotch pop-up tape

All this perfectionism is, frankly, rather time consuming. One thing that I find does speed things up a bit is Scotch pop-up tape (available for about 2 pounds from stationery shops and supermarkets). It is genuinely one of the most useful things I have bought (credit to my boyfriend for discovering the thing). No more remembering you need sellotape mid-wrap, attempting to break of said tape with teeth and sticking it to nearby furniture for safe keeping (I know you’ve done it too). This inevitable just leads to shoddy work and pieces of furniture with strands of tape permanently adhered to their sides- not a good look in either case.  No more! Just reach for your pop-up tape (cleverly attached to your hand so you still have full use of it for precise wrapping), pull the precut strip of tape and stick it down….Ta dah! Done.

It  looks good too, the pieces are perfect rectangles- perfect for all you fellow OCD wrappers- no teeth marks in sight!

*Note* I have received NO funding, persuasion or even notice by Scotch tape- I’m just a keen happy customer thankful that one thing in my life has got easier!

Pop-up tape

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